Java Encrypt Decrypt Sample

What is encryption? The encryption process involves encoding a message or piece of information in a way that only authorized parties can access it and those who are not authorized cannot. The Java Cipher class forms the functionality of

Java Lesson 3 – Variables

What is a variable in Java? With the Java programming language, the terms variable and field are both used synonymously. This sometimes produces some confusion for the new Java developer because they are both talking about the same thing.

Java SE 10 New Features

Oracle just released Java SE 10 in March of 2018. This new release contains various new enhancements and features into many functional areas. Some of the improvements include enhancements for garbage collection (GC) and compilation as well as local

Java Hello World Sample

Do you remember the first Java program you write when first learning Java. You may have been in a intro to Java course in college or perhaps picked up a fundamentals of Java programming book at your local book