About JavaCodeDepot.com

Welcome to JavaCodeDepot.com! This website is the result of my love and passion for Java programming as well as my desire to share that passion with others through sample code.

Why Java at JavaCodeDepot.com?

I feel Java is one of the best programming languages available to serious programmers since it came out in 1955. Everywhere you look in technology you will see Java being used to some extent. The portability if Java is incredibly important because it can run on so many platforms. We also get into Eclipse IDE and Maven tutorials because I believe these tools are standards for any Java developer.

How JavaCodeDepot.com Helps

Whether your new to Java or have been programming Java hard core for years like me, there are times where you just need a simple but concise sample or example code to look at. The Java APIs are a good reference, but sometimes you just want to see sample code that compiles and runs. JavaCodeDepot.com provides a ton of working code samples, with new ones added daily, that is meant to help out those fellow Java developers that may be stuck on something.

Goal of JavaCodeDepot.com

We want to be your go to online resource for Java code samples and tutorials. At the same time, we want to hear from you in the form of Java code you would like to contribute through a post comment or using the contact us page.