Author: Seymour

Spring Hello World Sample

This simple Spring tutorial demonstrates how to retrieve a Spring Bean and print out a message to the screen. The sample was created using the following technologies: Spring 5.0.5 Maven Integration in Eclipse Eclipse IDE for Java Developers Version:

Java 8 Stream distinct Sample

Java 8 Stream distinct operation will return a stream consisting of the distinct elements of the Stream. The distinct() operation is an intermediate operation, which means it return a new stream. So distinct() creates a new Stream that contains

Java Keyword Switch

The keyword switch is used in conjunction with case keyword that forms the switch-case statement. The switch statement evaluates a variable and matches its value to a specific case parameter. If no case match is found, an optional label

Java Keyword Synchronized

The reserved keyword synchronized is used in the declaration of a method or code block to acquire the mutex (mutual exclusion) lock for an object while the current thread executes the code. The mutex lock is automatically released when

Java Keyword Static

The reserved keyword static is used to declare a Java variable, Java method, or Java inner class as a class field. Static classes maintain one copy of class fields regardless of how many instances of the class exists. Java

Java Keyword Public

The reserved keyword public is used in coordination with the declaration of a class, variable, or method. A public classes, methods, and variables can be accessed by the members of any class. The public access modifier makes it visible