Author: Seymour

Spring Hello World Sample

This simple Spring tutorial demonstrates how to retrieve a Spring Bean and print out a message to the screen. The sample was created using the following technologies: Spring 5.0.5 Maven Integration in Eclipse Eclipse IDE for Java Developers Version:

Java 8 Stream distinct Sample

Java 8 Stream distinct operation will return a stream consisting of the distinct elements of the Stream. The distinct() operation is an intermediate operation, which means it return a new stream. So distinct() creates a new Stream that contains

Java Keyword Switch

The keyword switch is used in conjunction with case keyword that forms the switch-case statement. The switch statement evaluates a variable and matches its value to a specific case parameter. If no case match is found, an optional label

Java Keyword Synchronized

The reserved keyword synchronized is used in the declaration of a method or code block to acquire the mutex (mutual exclusion) lock for an object while the current thread executes the code. The mutex lock is automatically released when