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Java SE 10 New Features

Oracle just released Java SE 10 in March of 2018. This new release contains various new enhancements and features into many functional areas. Some of the improvements include enhancements for garbage collection (GC) and compilation as well as local

Java 9 Java Shell Jshell

So what is Java Shell? It’s a new utility that was introduced in Java 9. Java Shell or JShell was helps developers run short programs very quickly without needing to create classes or methods. You simply declare variables, write

Java JRE vs JDK

JRE stands for the Java Runtime Environment. JRE provides the libraries, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and other components to run applets and applications written in the Java programming language. If you just need to run a Java program,

Java Powerball Project

Everybody know about the Powerball Lotto program. I am going to combine the fun of Java with the past Powerball winning numbers to come up with some basic statistics. I am by no means making claim to be able

Java IS NOT Javascript

I can’t count the number of times during conversation where I mention that I am a Java programmer and the person on the other side of the conversation mentions they know a little Javascript. Before I can process a

Java SE Package Stats

Have you ever wondered how many classes are included in each Java SE (standard Edition) Package? What about the total number of methods in each Java SE Package? If the answer is yes, well it is your lucky day