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Have you ever wondered how many classes are included in each Java SE (standard Edition) Package? What about the total number of methods in each Java SE Package? If the answer is yes, well it is your lucky day because JavaCodeDepot has those stats. Maybe I just have too much time on my hands?

I have read from Oracle that Java SE 10 should be coming out sometime in March of 2018, which is just a few months away. I am pretty sure you can download the Java SE 10 beta right now if your interested. I do plan to append the table below with the same package stats for Java SE 10.

Java SE 10 was introduced last month so let’s update the number of classes and methods in the table. While the number of classes didn’t change much from SE 9 to SE 10, the number of methods has decreased by about 4000.

Java SE Package Total Number Classes Total Number of Methods
Java 6 SE 3793 34770
Java 7 SE 4024 30779
Java 8 SE 4240 33534
Java 9 SE 6005 48155
Java 10 SE 6002 44286

Let’s think about this for a moment, each Java SE package (v6 or above) contains at least 3793 classes and at least 34,770 methods. Based on looking at the stats here, there was a huge jump in number of classes and methods in Java SE 9.

I wrote a quick Java program that does all of the above stat totals. While I don’t guarantee they are 100% accurate because there is page parsing involved, I am confident the numbers are pretty close.

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