Java H2 Database Table Insert

Just like any other database, there is a standard methodology to insert data into a H2 Database table. In our previous tutorial on creating a new H2 DB table, we created a simple table called WORKERS. You can review

Java H2 Database Create Table

I recently found the Java H2 SQL Database that is a great low footprint option for implementing a database into your Java application. The H2 Database is very fast, open source , and comes with the JDBC API. The

Java Ping Sample Code

I was sitting around and thought it would be fun to write a Java program that will ping a device ip address or an internet URL. Sounds fun right? The concept is pretty simple. If you open up your

Java If Else Sample Code

The if else statement is the foundation of all the control flow statements in the Java programming language. These statements tell your Java application to execute a section of code or not to execute a section of code based

Maven Add Repository

This tutorial will go through the steps to add a new or additional Maven remote repository in your pom.xml file using Eclipse IDE. Maven can have both remote and local repositories. We will build on the previous tutorial that

Java Divide Numbers Sample Code

Java programming language provides operators that allow you to do math operations hat perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Java defines these as Arithmetic Operators. We will focus on the division operator. The division operator is a forward slash

Java Best Coding Practices

In every programming language, there is a list of best coding practices and Java is no different. While some practices are non-negotiable, others are more based on the personal style of the individual programmer. When it comes to Java,

Maven Add Dependency

What is a dependency in terms of a Java Maven project? A dependency is a packaged set of classes that your Java project depends on. The dependency is usually a jar file and is defined in your pom.xml file.