Java Keyword Static

The reserved keyword static is used to declare a Java variable, Java method, or Java inner class as a class field. Static classes maintain one copy of class fields regardless of how many instances of the class exists. Java

Java Keyword Public

The reserved keyword public is used in coordination with the declaration of a class, variable, or method. A public classes, methods, and variables can be accessed by the members of any class. The public access modifier makes it visible

Java Keyword Protected

The reserved keyword protected is used with the declaration of a Java method, Java variable, or Java inner class. Protected variables can only be accessed by members of their own class or classes from the same package. Dig deeper

Java Keyword Super

The reserved keyword super is used to access members of a class inherited by the class in which it appears. The super keyword is also used to forward a call from a constructor to a constructor in the superclass.

Java Keyword Strictfp

The reserved keyword strictfp is used to restrict the precision and rounding on a floating point calculation to ensure platform portability. The Java strictfp keyword ensures that your application will get the same result on every platform when performing

Java Keyword Private

The reserved keyword private is used in the declaration of a method, variable, or inner Java class. A private member can only be accessed by other members of the same class. Let’s start with a simple example that implements

Java Keyword Return

The reserved keyword return is used to finish the execution of a Java method. You declare a method return type in the declaration of the method. Within the body of the method, you use the return statement to return

Java Keyword Package

The reserved keyword package is a group or bundle of similar classes and interfaces. In order to make types easier to find, avoid pesky naming conflicts, and limit control access, Java programmers can group related types into packages. A

Java Keyword Interface

The reserved keyword interface is used to declare a special type of class that only contains abstract or default methods, constant static fields, and static interfaces. Later on, it can be implemented by classes that declare the interface with

Java Keyword Native

The reserved keyword native is used in a method declaration to specify that a method is not implemented in the same Java source file. For example, you could define a method as native that was written in C programming