Java 8 Stream distinct Sample

Java 8 Stream distinct operation will return a stream consisting of the distinct elements of the Stream.

The distinct() operation is an intermediate operation, which means it return a new stream. So distinct() creates a new Stream that contains the elements of the initial stream that match the given predicate.

Stream.distinct() Operation Signature

//JavaCodeDepot Sample

Stream<T> distinct()

Let’s take a look at our sample Java code that creates a String collection of array elements, collect the elements into a Stream, request no duplicates with distinct(), and print out the unique elements then stored in another collection.

// Sample

//Define a Collection of Strings
Collection<String> listStrings = Arrays.asList("Java", "Code", "Depot", "Java", "Samples", "Code", "Tutorials");
//Request Collection with only unique elements from Stream
List<String> uniqueElements =;
//Print out unique Elements
System.out.println("Unique Elements: "+uniqueElements);

As we see from the sample output, only the unique elements were printed out from the Stream.

Unique Elements: [Java, Code, Depot, Samples, Tutorials]

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